Four types of listeners

Successful communicators always assume all four types of listeners are present in every audience. They suggest structuring your presentation as follows:

  1. Data-driven listeners are the most difficult to satisfy, so begin by showing the data.
  2. Follow the data with a framework to organize it.
  3. After establishing the framework, create an image of the long-term view of the strategy and where the company is headed.
  4. Finally, conclude by emphasizing the organization, its people, and its values.

4 responses to “Four types of listeners

  1. thanks for telling me what the types of listeners are…

  2. thank you……
    very much…..
    youve been a good and big help to me…………
    for my assignments….
    i wish….
    you will also be a big help to others…..
    thank you very much…

  3. Do you know of a study done which determined the existence of these four types of listeners? Thanks!

    • They derive from a 2005 working paper by Thomas P. Mullen and Mala Narain of strategic leadership consulting firm Park Li Group called “I Understand All That… but What’s the Strategy?”. The authors drew on survey data from executives and their audiences throughout the world to show that people have distinctly different ways of engaging with presentations about strategy. The authors say that each audience member will emphasise one of four primary focuses — data, structure, vision and the human element — and that effective speakers are those who integrate all four aspects into their presentations.

      Let me know if find a copy of the paper anywhere!

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